As health refers to the state of physical, mental and social well-being, it implies that
  • It cannot be achieved by the individuals on their own.
  • It depends on the surroundings or environment, which also includes the physical environment.
Factors that determine good health:
In order to be truly healthy, a person needs to be happy. A person cannot be happy if they are afraid of each other and if are mistreated by each other. Thus social equality and harmony play an important role in the health condition of an individual.
Good health is obtained through good food, which has to be earned. Hence, good economic conditions and jobs are absolutely essential for the health of individuals. This enables an individual to attain a proper diet. from this it can be concluded that the health of an individual is also dependent on the economic status of that individual.
Community cleanliness:
Above personal well-being community also plays an important role in the maintenance of health.
Good health is an important criterion for purposeful existence and performance of various activities of the body and mind. Human beings live in societies. Hence, social environments play an important role in the health of individuals. The places where humans live, such as villages, towns or cities, decide the social environment.
When these social environments are dirty or polluted, garbage is not collected properly and disposed, drains are not cleaned leading to the accumulation of water in streets and open spaces it increases the possibility of poor health.
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Thus, community cleanliness also plays an important role in the maintenance of public health.
The increase in the population leads to over-crowded living conditions, overuse of facilities such as food and water supply, sewage disposal and medical facility. This impairs the recycling capacity of nature leading to creating an unhealthy environment.
Prevention of transmission of diseases with help of the proper sanitation and hygiene:
The diseases can be prevented from the transmission with the help of five 'F' s. They are:
  • Fluids: The water sources must be protected and treated safely.
  • Fingers: Hands must be washed before preparing and consuming food. They also must be washed after defecation.
  • Flies: The food that is prepared must be covered. The number of flies must be controlled.
  • Fields: Clean the vegetables and fruits before using them and avoid open defecation.
  • Floods: Maintenance of proper drainage system and treatment of used water.