A person who is free of diseases is known to be healthy.
The word 'health' is also used in other contexts. For example, the term health is also used to denote the facts which are non-living such as the health of an organization. Here it is used to indicate the fact of whether the institution is functioning properly or not.
The harmonious balance between the state of the human individual combined with his environment is known as health.
The World Health Organisation defined health as a state of being well enough to function properly physically, mentally and socially. Thus health has three dimensions, and they are as follows:
Healthy people carrying different icons related to health
Physical dimension: Physical health refers to the perfect functioning of all the organs and organ systems of the body. Any person who is affected with any disorder such as crippled arms or legs cannot be healthy.
Mental dimension: The state of balance and harmony between an individual and environment is known as mental health. A person who is free from anxieties and tensions can function effectively in a given surrounding is known as a mentally-balanced person.
Illustration of health
Social dimension: Man is considered as a social animal as he lives and works with different people at different places. Hence a person who has a good job, good house, happy family and understanding friends is said to be socially healthy.