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A few sources of energy are discussed in the previous section. There are many other sources of energy. In this section, we will
  • discuss how the Sun is responsible for certain sources of energy. .
  • discuss energy sources that are not due to the Sun.
The energy that all around us comes from various sources. One of the essential sources of energy is the Sun. The energy of the sun is the primary source of most of the energy found on earth.
Eco Energy
Sources of energy are due to the Sun:
Many forms of energy that humans use eventually derive from solar radiation, such as food, hydrocarbons (such as oil and natural gas), wind energy, hydroelectric power, and solar energy, etc.,
We will briefly discuss some of them.
1. Solar Thermal Energy:
Solar thermal energy (STE) is a kind of energy technology for transforming solar energy to generate thermal energy for industry and the residential and commercial sectors.
Solar Thermal Energy
We receive solar heat energy from the sun. We can also use sunlight to produce electricity from solar (photovoltaic) cells.
2. Wind Energy:
Wind energy is a type of solar energy. The sun heats the Earth's surface, and the Earth warms the air above it, causing wind.
Wind energy
Wind energy is the process by which wind is utilised to produce electricity.
3. Hydro Power:
Water evaporated by the sun forms clouds and rain to give us flowing streams and rivers. Both wind and flowing water (hydropower) are sources of energy.
Hydro Power
Sources of energy are not due to the Sun:
There are still other kinds of energy that are not dependent on the sun. Some of them are ocean thermal energy, geothermal energy, and nuclear energy.
Tidal Energy
Geothermal Energy
Nuclear Power Plant