As we saw the alarming effects of deforestation in the previous theories, the conservation of forests is of prime importance. As measures for conservation, India has an area of \(752.3 \ lakh \ hectares\) classified as reserved forests and \(215.1 \ lakh \ hectares\), which is classified as protected forests. The following are some of the important efforts taken for forest conservation:
1. Afforestation:
Afforestation is planting trees or sowing seeds in a barren land to create a forest.
Afforestation activities (Van Mahotsav) involves planting and protecting trees with multiple trees that aid in the restoration of green cover. Trees should be protected as much as possible, and deforestation must be curtailed.
Van Mahotsav is a great initiative that was started in \(1950\) to commemorate the importance of cultivating and saving forests and raising awareness about the negative impacts of deforestation. It is observed in the first week of July every year. As monsoon sets in the first week of July in most regions of India, this is the ideal time to grow trees.
The goal of Van Mahotsav is to encourage people in India to plant more trees, as industrialisation and urbanisation have led to deforestation at a large scale. Deforestation is a severe problem, as the Van Mahotsav week attempts to bring more people together to help grow and save forests in India.
Van Mahotsav
Afforestation protects the earth, which provides a solution for deforestation and global warming. The other functions of afforestation include:
1. Afforestation helps in regaining the fertility of the area.
2. Afforestation provides shelter and food for animals and indigenous humans.
3. The supply of oxygen and water vapour in the atmosphere is increased through afforestation (which helps in rainfall).
4. Planting trees lower carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, reducing air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming.
5. Afforestation avoids desertification of land.
6. Barren land devoid of vegetation experience strong winds and cause soil erosion. Rain washes the topsoil away. Afforestation encourages the growth of trees, which help to hold the topsoil, humus, and soil nutrients.
7. Afforestation provides us with important resources such as fodder, fruits, and other resources.
8. Some of the industries needs specific tree types. Afforestation grows particular types of trees required.
9. Afforestation is a way of moving a step forward for conserving our forests.