Salim and Sneha were discussing what nature, environment, environmental management and  natural resources are. Salim states that nature refers to living plants, animals, geological processes, weather, matter and energy. Nature is an interconnected network of life. All of us depend on nature for food, water, air, energy, and raw materials.
Sneha recalled that environment ("enviros" means surroundings) is the sum of all the elements, factors, and conditions present in the surroundings that impact the organisms' survival.
Environmental management is concerned with all aspects of the environment, including its structure, function, quality, maintenance, and the conservation of its living and non-living components.
What are natural resources?
Resources provided or obtained by nature and developed without humans' intervention are called natural resources.
Energy resources
Some examples of natural resources include air, water, soil, wild and domestic animals, minerals and natural fuels like coal, petrol, and petroleum
The percentage of natural resources can be displayed below: 
Percentage of natural resources
The earth's diverse natural resources supply the necessities for the survival of all forms of life, including humans. All the things that we use, including food, clothes, furniture, toys and vehicles, are obtained from the resources present on the earth. Only energy is obtained from outside, i.e., from the sun.
Everything from nature has some utility for man, but it can only be utilised if adequate technology is available.