In the previous theory, we saw heart disease, its causes, risk factors and symptoms. In this theory, we shall see prevention and control measures of heart disease.
Diet management
A few of the diet modifications should be followed, which includes.
  1. Calorie reduction
  2. Low saturated fat intake 
  3. Cholesterol-rich foods
  4. Low carbohydrates
  5. Common salt
A picture shows healthy food for the heart
  • Consuming a diet high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) is crucial.
  • Increased fibre consumption, fruits and vegetables, protein, minerals, and vitamins are required.
Physical activity:
Regular exercise, such as walking and yoga, is necessary for body weight maintenance.
Addictive substance avoidance:
Should avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking.
A picture explains the prevention of heart disease.