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In the previous section, we have learned about inertia and its types. In this session, with the help of an activity, we will learn the inertia at rest.
  • Take a glass tumbler and place small cardboard on it.
  • Now, keep a coin at the centre of the cardboard, as shown in the figure.
  • Then, flick the cardboard quickly.
What do you observe?

The cardboard falls down to the ground, and the coin drops into the glass tumbler.
In the activity described above, the inertia of the coin retains its state of rest when the cardboard moves. Then, when the cardboard has moved from the initial position, the coin drops into the tumbler due to gravity. It happens due to ‘inertia of rest’.
Inertia of rest:

The resistance of a body to change its state of rest is called Inertia of rest.