Microscope is an optical instrument, which helps us to see tiny (very small) objects. It is classified as
  • Simple microscope
  • Compound microscope
Simple Microscope Simple:

The microscope has a convex lens of a short focal length. It is held near the eye to get an enlarged image of small objects. Allow an object (\(AB\)) to be placed within the convex lens's principal focus (\(f\)), and the observer's eye to be placed just behind the lens. The convex lens produces an erect, virtual, and enlarged image (\(A'B'\)) in this position. The image is formed on the same side of the object as the object, and the distance is equal to the least distance of distinct vision (\(D\)).
Simple microscope
Uses of Simple microscope:
Simple microscopes are used
a) by watch repairers and jewellers.
b) to read small letters clearly.
c) to observe parts of flowers, insects etc.
d) to observe fingerprints in the field of forensic science.