As discussed previously, the earth was earlier assumed as a hot gaseous mass that led to the origin of life when cooled.
Many theories explain the origin of life, and some of them are as follows:
Theory of special creation:
The theory of special creation proposed that a supernatural power created life. Hence it is called life on earth as a divine creation. It also stated that the diversity among living organisms was always the same from the creation time and will continue to be the same.
Earth centred view of universe
This theory has the following connotations:
  • All living organisms were created similarly. Hence, there are no differences in their appearances.
  • They were created in the way they exist, and there is no evolution.
  • Their bodies and organs are fully developed to meet the demands of life. Hence, there is no adaptation.
Objections against the theory of special creation:
  • It is a theory that was proposed purely on religious belief.
  • They are no scientific evidence to support the theory.
  • The age of various fossils demonstrates that biological organisms appeared on Earth at various times.
As this theory lacked scientific evidence, it was not accepted.