Computers play a vital role in our day to day life. A computer has a high speed of calculation, accuracy, reliability, and versatility, making them useful in homes, educational institutions, research organizations, medical field, business, government offices, entertainment, railway stations, banks, post office, etc.
We usually think that the computer should be like a big TV and a box attached to it. But, computers are available in different shapes and sizes. Works performed with a computer can also be done using a smartphone, tablet and laptop. There may be a slight difference in their speed, but their operations remain the same. Nowadays, Big computers are shrunk into small smartphones because of technological advancements. Most of us think smartphones are only to make calls because of their aesthetic (handy look), But it is not so.
A person working with the computer
Since the computer's invention, they have grown in terms of increased computing power, and at the same time, their size has been reduced. Due to the widespread use of computers in every field, today's world would be impossible without computers. Human lives have been made better and happier by computers.
Computers are used efficiently in various fields of work.
  • Engineers, architects, jewellers, and filmmakers all use computers to design or perform things.
  • Teachers, writers, and most workers in-office use computers for research, word processing and information transaction (E-mail).
  • Computers are used in small businesses as a point of sale and for general record keeping.
  • Computers are used in banks for Online accounting facility and ATM's.
  • Airports and Railways use computers to book tickets. They also use them to maintain timings.
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  • Computers are used in Post offices to save various kinds of official data such as a photocopy of letters received from headquarters, records of the number of letters received in a given period, and records of accounts opened in post offices.