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We are very familiar with the word electricity or electric current because it is difficult to lead our daily lives without electricity. We may find many electrical appliances in our homes.
Example: Fan, electric bulb, television, etc.
When we on the switch, the electrical appliances start to work. What is in the switch that make the bulb to glow? And, how this electric current is produced?
Let us discuss the production of electricity in detail.
Any device or system that produces electricity is said to be a source of electricity. There are several ways in which we can produce electricity. Some of the sources are
  • Power stations
  • Cells and batteries
Power station
A power station is also called a power plant or powergenerating station where electricity is generated in huge amounts. There are several types of power stations; some of them are given below
  • Thermal power station
  • Hydel power station
  • Atomic power station
  • Windmill
Thermal power station
Hydel power stationhydroelectric-power-station-4560237_1920.jpg
Atomic power stationRajasthan_Atomic_Power_Station.jpg