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Atomic power station:
  • Atomic power stations are also known as nuclear power stations.
  • We use nuclear energy to boil water in the atomic power station. When the water boils at a higher temperature, the water turns into steam.
  • The steam thus produced is used to rotate the turbine. We know that turbine is connected to a coil which is placed between electromagnets.
  • When the turbine rotates, the coil also rotates along with it. As a result, electric current or electricity is produced in the coil by means of electromagnetic induction.
  • Here, nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy.
Atomic power station at Kalpakkam
In Tamil Nadu, the atomic power stations are located at
  • Kalpakkam in Chengalpattu district
  • Koodankulam in Tirunelveli district
  • The windmill is a device used to tap the wind's energy using sails or blades mounted on a rotating shaft.
  • When the blade rotates, the shaft also rotates. The shaft is connected to the coil placed between the electromagnets.
  • By electromagnetic induction, electricity is produced in the coil when the coil rotates. In windmills, wind energy is used to rotate the turbine to produce electricity. Here, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.
In Tamil Nadu, Windmills are located at
  • Aralvaimozhi in Kanyakumari district
  • Kayatharu in Tirunelveli district
Windmill at Aralvaimozhi