Earth is filled with many species of plants and animals. In the world, a lot of diversity exists within plants and animals.
There are varieties of plants and animals in the living world that coexist in a community or ecosystem.
Biodiversity - "Bio" means life, and "diversity" means different or varieties.
Savanna Ecosystem
Biodiversity refers to the totality of species, population, communities, ecosystems, both wild and domestic.
Biodiversity can also be defined as the variety and variability among the living organisms and the habitats in which they live in.
The various ecosystems include the desert, forests, mountains, rivers, ponds, lakes, and agricultural fields. In all ecosystems, there is an interaction between living and non-living things, including humans.
Clockwise from top-left:Mountains, Agricultural field, Desert, Forest, Pond, River
Biodiversity is a global ecosystem that is composed of biotic and abiotic community. The biosphere includes all the living and non-living communities on Earth. Resources present in the biosphere can be grouped into two categories:
1. Biotic or the living community- The living communities include plants and animals.
2. Abiotic or non-living community- The non-living components include air, water, rock, light, heat, and soil. These factors affect the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in the biosphere. (9).gif
Classification of biosphere
Fishes, shrimp, and crabs grow or reside only in water, while animals like elephant, lion, tiger, and camel inhabit the land. The environmental conditions and the geographical features on the Earth differs from one another.
Habitat is the place (or the environment) where the plant or animal lives.
Habitat provides food, water, air, shelter, and the other requirements needed for the organism. Various types of plants and animals share the same habitat.
Camel can live anywhere but comfortably lives in the desert. Polar bear and the penguins inhabit the polar regions. Living in such harsh conditions require special features in these animals that help the organism to live, breed and flourish in that particular place.
Certain features in an animal or a plant that enables them to live in a particular habitat or surrounding is called adaptation.
Depending on the place where it is present, different animals adapt in different ways.