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Sometimes, things that we buy in the market are mixed with harmful and unwanted substances. This process is called adulteration.
What is food adulteration?
Food also can be adulterated due to improper handling and carelessness. The consumption of adulterated food will be harmful and a health hazard. We must be careful about the adulterants in our consumable foods. It will not show the real properties of the original substance.

Examples of food products and the adulterant used in them:
Food products
Original products
Adulterants used
Health hazard
1.Tea leavesshutterstock_661044319.jpgUsed tea leaves shutterstock_258403640.jpgLiver disorder
2.Turmeric powdershutterstock_1713815020.jpgBright yellow chemical, kesari yellow dalshutterstock_90197476.jpgCarcinogenic
3.Peppershutterstock_268449350.jpgPapaya seeds shutterstock_337372481.jpgDiarrhea
4.Honeyshutterstock_1667250127.jpgBrown sugar and water shutterstock_492351961.jpgStomach disorder
5.Coffee powdershutterstock_161564636.jpgTamarind seed powdershutterstock_1886824681.jpgDiarrhea
6.Red chilli powershutterstock_1602365467.jpgPowdered red brickshutterstock_177391316.jpg 
How to know if the food is adulterated?
The following points may help to identify whether the food product is adulterated or not..
  • Food does not meet the quality.
  • Food has the cheapest substance.
  • Food is packed or prepared in an unclean place.
  • Food contains a substance that is harmful to health.
Do you know?
* RO (Reverse Osmosis) removes impurities from water by using pressure to make it potable.
* In houses, the water filter is used to remove the impurities and destroy the harmful germs using UV rays.