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Saving New or Existing Document:
An opened New or Existing document can be saved by following any one of the methods.
For an Existing document:
1. By clicking the Save button on the menu bar.
2. By selecting \(\text{File \(\rightarrow\) Save}\) commands from the menu bar.
3. Keyboard shortcut: Press \(\text{CTRL + S}\) keys.
In case if the document is already saved with a name earlier, it will simply save the document again.
For a New document:
  1. If the file is a new document, then the ‘Save As’ dialog box will be opened.
  2. The folder where you want to place your document is selected.
  3. The name of the document is given in File Name, and then the OK button is clicked.
A document can also be saved by choosing \(\text{File \(\rightarrow\) Save As}\) commands on the menu bar.
Save as.jpg
Saving a document
Closing the Document:
1. The current document can be closed by selecting \(\text{File \(\rightarrow\) Close}\) command on the menu bar.
2. Even the Close icon can be clicked if it is visible on the Standard toolbar.