LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet part of LibreOffice.
Spreadsheets enable us to organise, analyse, and store data in tabular form. Furthermore, in a spreadsheet, we can manage this data to produce specific results.
Other features provided by LibreOffice Calc include:
  • Functions, which can be used to formulate formulas to do complex calculations on data.
  • Database functions to organise, store, and filter data.
  • Dynamic charts are giving a wide range of \(2D\) and \(3D \)charts.
  • Ability to open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
In LibreOffice Calc, you create files that are known as spreadsheets. A spreadsheet consists of many individual sheets, each sheet comprising cells ordered in rows and columns.
A particular cell is known by its row number and column letter (for example, cell \(B4\)).
Each spreadsheet can have many sheets, and each sheet has a large number of individual cells.
Each cell can carry data in the form of text, numbers, or formulas. In Calc, each sheet can have a maximum of \(1,048,576\) rows and a maximum of \(1024\) columns.
rows and columns.jpg
Saving and Exporting spreadsheets:

LibreOffice Calc uses the Open Document Format with the extension *.ods to save spreadsheets. If you want to exchange files with users who use Microsoft Office, LibreOffice Calc supports saving the files to *.Xls format. Of course, you can export a spreadsheet to various file formats, including *.CSV, *.PDF, *.HTML and other formats.