A worksheet is an area where you do all the tasks. You can enter and edit data in a worksheet. A combination of one or more worksheets forms a workbook
LibreOffice Calc contains one worksheet by default. Sheet\(1\) is the active worksheet when you open the LibreOffice Calc (Untitled\(1\)) window for the first time.


A column is a vertical line of boxes. The columns are labelled from the letters \(A\) to \(Z\) and thereafter as \(AA\), \(AB\)..........up to \(AMJ\). There are \(1024\) columns in a worksheet.
A row is a horizontal line of boxes. These are labelled with numbers like \(1,2,3\)....and so on. There are \(10,48,575\) rows in a worksheet.

The intersection of a row and a column is known as a cell. Its address identifies each cell. The cell address is a combination of column letters and row numbers. The first active cell’s address will be \(A1\). The name box shows the address of the active cell.
Active Cell:

The highlighted cell on the worksheet is the active cell. You can enter your data only in an active cell. You can easily make any cell active by using a mouse or a keyboard. If you want to make the cell \(C2\) active, just click on the cell \(C2\). You can also use arrow keys to select a cell.
Range of Cells:

A group of cells is known as the range of cells. It forms a rectangle or a square. For selecting a range of cells, press and hold the shift key and use the arrow key.
The image given below shows the range of cells that starts from \(C2\) and ends at \(C5\).

The range of cells is represented as \(C2:C5\). Here colon (:) is a range indicator. You can easily deselect cells by clicking anywhere on the worksheet.
Range of cell.jpg