Our aim is to make a simple Kaleidoscope.
Materials required:
  • Rectangular mirror strips(3 nos)
  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Broken pieces of coloured bangles
  • Transparent tape
  • Take three plane mirror strips and join them together in such a way it forms a prism.
  • Close one end of the set-up using cardboard or thick chart paper.
  • The other end of the set-up is closed with cardboard contains a hole in the centre part.
  • The hole enables the light to pass through it.
  • Place the broken pieces of coloured bangles inside the mirror chamber.
  • Use a glue stick or transparent tape to join the ends of the mirror strips and the ends of the kaleidoscope set-up.
Note: Be careful while handling the glass pieces. Do all this with the supervision of your parents or teachers.