Applications of Curved Mirrors:

Concave mirror:
A concave mirror which is also known as a converging mirror, has its reflecting surface bulging inwards i.e. away from the incident light. There are numerous uses of concave mirrors in our daily life.
  • Concave mirrors are used while applying make-up or shaving, as they provide a magnified image.
  • They are used in torches, searchlights, and headlights to direct the light to a long distance.
  • They can collect the light from a larger area and focus it on a small spot. Hence, they are used in solar cookers.
  • They are used as head mirrors by doctors to examine the eye, ear, nose and throat as they provide a shadow-free illumination of the organ.
  • They are also used in reflecting telescopes.
Convex mirror:
A convex mirror is a spherical reflecting surface in which its bulging side faces the light source.  There are numerous uses of convex mirrors in daily life.
  • Convex mirrors are used as rearview mirrors in vehicles, because they provide an upright image and give a wider view as they are curved outwards.
  • They are found in the hallways of various buildings, including hospitals, hotels, schools and stores. They are usually installed on a wall or ceiling where hallways make sharp turns.
  • They are also used on roads where there are sharp curves and turns.