Dentist’s head mirror:

A light of parallel beam is allowed to fall on the concave mirror in the dentist's head mirror. The light beam is focused on a small area of the body by this mirror (such as teeth, throat etc).
Mirror used by the dentist.
Make-up mirror:

When a concave mirror is held close to the face, the image appears upright and magnified. Our faces will be magnified here.
Make-up mirror
Other applications:

Concave mirrors are used as reflectors in torches, vehicle headlights, and searchlights to get powerful light beams. Solar heaters employ large concave mirrors.
Vehicle headlights
Concave mirror in solar furnace
Fun facts
Stellar objects are at an infinite distance. As you studied in earlier classes, when an object is placed at an infinite distance from the concave mirror, the image formed by a concave mirror would be diminished and inverted. Yet, astronomical telescopes use concave mirrors.

At the right, light enters the telescope and travels to a concave mirror. The light is then reflected back to the eyepiece and eye from the back of the telescope. The primary goal of the Reflector is to focus the incoming light using a concave mirror.
Stellar objects