We studied about laws of reflection in the previous section. The laws of reflection apply to all types of reflecting surfaces, including curved surfaces.
In your earlier classes, you have studied several types of curved mirrors, such as parabolic and spherical mirrors. The most commonly used type of curved mirror is a spherical mirror.
Spherical Mirrors:
In the case of curved mirrors, the reflecting surface is a part of the surface of a sphere. Such mirrors whose reflecting surfaces are spherical in nature are called spherical mirrors.
Spherical mirrors
Concave mirrors:
The reflecting surface is curved inwards in some spherical mirrors; that is, it faces towards the centre of the sphere. They are called Concave mirrors.
The mirrors used in Automobile headlights, Reflecting telescopes, Torch lights, etc.
Concave mirrors
Convex mirrors:
The reflecting surface is curved outward in some kind of spherical mirror. They are called Convex mirrors.
The rear side mirror of vehicles, Optical instruments, Hallway safety mirrors
Hallway safety mirror