Every day you can observe force around you. When you walk from school to home, before entering, you open the closed door by pushing. While you get up from the school desk, you are pushing yourself against the desk. To make breakfast, your mother will apply force to make chapatis.
Force can be defined as something that tends to change the shape and state of a body; that is, if a body is at rest, it can be changed to a moving state by applying force, it can also change the direction in which a body is moving. Force is measured in terms of newton.
Observe the picture below, in which a man is squeezing a lemon.
Force applied to squeeze the lemon.
Compare the shape of the squeezed lemon with the  un-squeezed lemons beside the plate of fried fishes. It is largely changed in shape.
If force is applied, materials may change in shape.
Observe the below picture, in which a man is jogging on the road.
What will happen to the him, and how he is doing that.
He will move from one place to another. By applying force to his body, he is moving from one place to another.
Materials can be moved from one place to another by applying force.
Force can...…
Change the states of the body from movement to rest from and rest to movement
Alter the speed of the object
Change the shape of the object
Change the direction of the movement
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