Let us recall:
As we have learned in our earlier classes (Grade 8, Movements in animals), animals are the organisms that move in search of food, shelter and reproduction. We now know why they have special locomotory structures that help them in movement and locomotion.
So far, we have learned that that plants do not move, as they lack locomotory structures. But, do you know that certain plants also show movements?
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Plants and animals together in an ecosystem
Few plants that show movements:
  • Mimosa pudica (touch-me-not plant) is a plant that closes on touching.
Helianthus annuus (sunflower) is a plant that follows the path of the sun from dawn to dusk (from east to west).
External stimuli trigger these various movements shown by these plants. As we know, plants cannot move on their own like animals from one place to another, but they can move their body parts for getting sunlight, water and nutrients as they are sensitive to external factors like, light, gravity, temperature, etc.
This topic will help us understand that how these plants move and the various causes for their movements. Along with this, we will also learn and recall more about the process of photosynthesis and transpiration.