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According to NASA, there are many uses of ISS which benefits us. Some of them are explained below.
1. Supporting water-purification efforts:
Water-scarce places can benefit from improved water filtration and purification systems that are developed for the ISS. A village in Iraq was saved from being abandoned due to clean water scarcity with the help of ISS's Water Recovery System (WRS) and Oxygen Generating System (OGS).
Water Recovery System in ISS
2. Eye-tracking technology:
The Eye Tracking Device, originally designed for a microgravity experiment, has proven to be used in numerous laser surgeries. Additionally, eye-tracking technology helps impaired people who have limited mobility and communication. For example, a child with significant physical disabilities can use their eye movements to complete routine tasks and live independently.
Eye-tracking device
3. Robotic arms and surgeries:
Robotic arms created for research on the International Space Station are assisting surgeons in removing inoperable tumours (e.g., brain tumours) and taking precise biopsy samples.
A robotic arm
The inventors of the robots claim that the robotic arms can take biopsies with consistency and exceptional precision.
Robotic arm performing surgery
Apart from the applications listed above, there are numerous other ways in which the ISS's research is beneficial. Some of them are:
  • Improved vaccines
  • Detection of breast cancer and its treatment
  • Ultrasound machines for rural areas