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  • Total cultivable area in Asia: \(18\)%
  •  Chief occupation of people: Agriculture
  • Rich alluvial soil is found in river valleys in the South, South East and East Asia.
  • In the riverine plains of Asia, agriculture is intensively practised.
  • However, some areas are not suitable for agricultural practices.
In Asia, India has the largest area of arable land which can be used for cultivation.
  • Most of the west Asian countries cultivate their crops where the groundwater level is nearer to the surface.
  • Iraq practices agricultural activities based on the availability of rainfall and supply of water from Euphrates and Tigris rivers.
  • Staple food crops in Asia: Rice and Wheat.
  • The leading producers of rice in the world: China and India
  • Other important rice-producing countries in Asia: Myanmar, Japan, Bangladesh and Thailand
rice growing areas map.jpg
  • Monsoon Asia is suitable for rice cultivation because of the abundant rainfall, fertile plains and availability of labour.
Rice bowl of South-East Asia: Thailand
Banaue rice terrace:
  • Built \(2000\) year ago by the Ifugaos people in the Philippines
  • Located approximately about \(1524\)\(m\) above sea level.