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Agri Produces and Markets:
During the civilisations, the economic system slowly attained maturity by adopting money as a mode of exchange. Most countries adopted money quickly, which enabled trade and exchange of goods.
Consumer goods
Most of the agricultural activities are performed along with the villages located in river banks. Those produced from the villages are taken to towns to satisfy the needs of urban people.
Consumer Goods: These are goods procured from various markets used to meet the daily needs of consumers.
Markets are also found in villages, which happen once a week to meet the demands of the locals under the name of “Sandhaus”.
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Market in India
These Sandhai’s are self-regulated by the farmers as they fix the prices for their commodities, the revenue generated from the Sandhai enable them to cultivate further crops.
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Markets play a critical role in connecting agricultural products and the Urban people because the urban economy is highly dependent on Agri producers for their food.
Koyambedu, located in Chennai, is the largest fruit and vegetable market in the Asian Continent.
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