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Hemispheres of Earth
With reference to Equator, Earth is divided into two hemispheres. They are
HemisphereArea of Earth Found between
Northern Hemispherethe Equator \((0°)\) and the North Pole \((90°N).\)
Southern Hemispherethe Equator \((0°)\) and the South Pole \((90°N).\)
Important lines of latitude
  • It also revolves around the sun, inclined at an angle of \(23½° \)while rotating on its axis.
  • Based on the angle at which the sun’s rays fall on the earth, certain lines of latitude gain significance.
  • Based on the location, the fall of the Sun's rays differs on different parts of the earth, or they do not fall equally on all parts of the earth because of its angle of inclination.
  • Sun's rays fall vertically over the Equator and slanting towards the poles.
  • Thus, the temperature varies in different places of earth.