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Find out the following personality with the Story/Incident given below.
1. He was born in 539 BC, near Vaishali in Kundagrama. Born in Gnatrika (A Kshatriya clan) he was brave and an able ruler of his kingdom. He was married to Yasoda and also had a daughter named Anojja or Priyadarshana. He renounced his family life at the age of 30, in quest of spiritual knowledge. He left his kingdom and undertook intense meditation and adopted an ascetic life to attain Spiritual greatness. After undertaking strenuous efforts to attain spiritual greatness for 12 years, he obtained “Kevaliya / Kevala” (The Knowledge of the highest order) at the age of 42 under the Sal tree. Post the attainment of Kevaliya, he came to be known as “the Jina” means the “conqueror of the self”. Whom are we talking about?

2. He was The Royal Prince of the Sakhya clan was born in Lumbini in the year 563 BCE. His real name was Siddhartha who later acquired another name. After losing his mother Mayadevi, seven days post his birth, he was raised by his stepmother Gautami. He married Yasodhara and led a normal Prince in Lumbini. He renounced his prince-hood at an age of 29, where the incidents he witnessed at this age shocked his existence. He left his family and embraced Sainthood. He sat under the “Pipal tree” and undertook rigorous meditation which brought him the desired result of “Enlightenment” during his 49th day of the Meditation. Who is this Personality?