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The Awakening of Ideas:
  • The Pages of History saw the rise of new ideas and principles during the later stages of the fifth century BC (BCE), where the civilization has witnessed a rapid economic, cultural and ideological awakening.
  • The period from the 6th century BC was considered the watershed moment in the history of India, as the greatest ideologies that shaped people’s thoughts emerged during this period.
The Rise of Intellectual teachings
  • The emergence of new religions and religious orders, namely Jainism and Buddhism, changed India’s course of life and history. The religions rich in Ideals, principles, and literature were considered the support of personal thoughts.
  • The 6th century also witnessed great unrest and the emergence of new kingdoms and political order that paved the way for social structure change.
Reasons for the emergence of new ideas
  • Domination of Priestly class and concentration of ritual knowledge and principles.
  • The supremacy exerted by the Brahmin class and the way they suppressed the quest of other classes in society.
  • Various rituals and sacrifices performed by the lower class people irked the upper-class people.
The domination of Upper class
  • The philosophical practices of Brahmins confused the lower class people, as they were too tough to understand for the layman.
  • The caste system destroyed the equality among humans and made the lower strata people inferior to the upper-class people.
  • The social oppression faced by the lower class provoked them to question the dominant people and their ideals.
  • In the light of such oppressive practices and degradation rose the intellectual movements from the people of lower strata, which allowed them to question the hierarchy displayed by the dominant class.
  • During this critical juncture of the intellectual uprising, the most important religious orders of Buddhism and Jainism emerged and further established an equal social order and shaped people’s thoughts and actions through various ideas and principles.