Man-made resources
Natural resources modified or processed using technology is known as Man-made resources.
    Sugarcane processed to get Sugar and Jaggery
  • Man-made resources are Structures built by man(humans).
  • For example, Bridges, Houses, Roads.
Structures such as bridges, houses, roads, etc., that were built by man (humans) are known as Man-made resources.
Secondary activities: The process of converting raw materials into finished goods is called secondary activities.
  • Man’s skills and ideas play a vital role in secondary activities.
Human resource
Groups of individuals who use natural resources to create more resources are known as Human resources. Despite being a natural resource, based on the possession of skills that made them a valuable resource, they are classified separately. They are classified based on education, health and knowledge.
Doctors, Teachers, Scientists, mechanic, chef, etc,.
Tertiary activities: Primarily, these activities are concerned with the distribution of primary and secondary products through a system of transport and trade, (e.g.) Banking, Trade and Communications.
As institutions/organisations of a country involved in the creation of human resource, a country's human resource is based on the quality and quantity of the same.