Those resources that have been directly provided by nature are called natural resources.
Natural resources such as air, water, soil, minerals, natural vegetation and wildlife, etc., found around us.
The use of any natural resource depends on:
  1. Location (place it is available)
  2. Form (in which it is available ) and
  3. The technology necessary to avail it.
Classification of Natural resources
On the basis of ORIGIN of the resource:Biotic and Abiotic resourcesbiotic abiotic.jpg
On the basis of the DEVELOPMENT of the resource: Actual and Potential resources
actual potential.jpg
On the basis of EXHAUSTIBILITY of the resource: Renewable and Non-renewable resources
renewable non renewable.jpg
On the basis of DISTRIBUTION of the resource: Localised and Universal
Localised universal.jpg
On the basis of OWNERSHIP of the resource: Individual, Community, National and International
individual community national international.jpg