Based on Exhaustibility:
Based on renewability, resources can be classified as renewable resources and non-renewable resources.
Renewable – Non-exhaustible
  • Once consumed, it can be renewed with the passage of time.
  • (e.g.) Air, Water, Sunlight.
  • Misuse of such resources can also limit its available quantity.
  • So, they should be used wisely.
Non-renewable – exhaustible
  • Limited natural resources
  • They become exhausted after use, and the time they take to replace does not match the life cycle.
  • (e.g.) Coal, petroleum, natural gas and other minerals.
  • Non-renewable resources are either scarce or absent.
  • We are constantly taking up several new researches to find new resources.
  • Research is done to confirm whether a substance is a resource or not.
  • He tries to harness it and also searches the regions where it may be found.
  • They are potential resources.
  • Wind energy is one such example.
  • The places where wind energy can be utilized are still unknown.