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The Rashtrakuta monarchs were ardent supporters of education. During their reign, Kannada and Sanskrit literature advanced significantly.
Amogavarsha's Kavirajamarga was the first poetry composition written in Kannada. In Kannada, court poets made renowned works.
Rashtrkuta monarchs patronised the three treasures of ancient Kannada literature - Pampa, Ranna, and Ponna. In Kannada, they wrote the following novels.
1. Adipurana, Vikramarjuna Vijaya - Pampa
2. Gadhayudha - Ranna
3. Shantipurana - Ponna
Adipurana depicts the life of Rishabadeva, the first Jain Tirthankara. Chalukya Arikesari, Vikramarjunavijaya Pampa's patron, is linked with Arjuna, the legendary hero of Mahabharatha.
Art and architecture
The Rashtrakutas were crucial in establishing what is now known as the Karnata Dravida style of architecture. The spectacular Kailasa Temple of Ellora (a rock-cut building) is the pinnacle of Rashtrakuta's architectural achievement. Still, the Rashtrakutas also built and rebuilt many of the caves of Ellora and Elephanta (in modern-day Maharashtra state).
Ellora – Kailasanatha Temple (near Aurangabad, Maharashtra) One of the \(30\) temples built out of the hill at Ellora was the Kailasanatha Temple.
Kailas temple in Ellora caves complex, Maharashtra state in India
It was constructed during Krishna I's reign. The architectural and sculptural brilliance of the temple is well-known.
The vimana (temple tower) reaches a height of \(90\) feet, and the temple occupies an area of nearly \(60,000\) square feet. This temple is similar to the Mamallapuram seaside temple. The Kailasanatha temple has Dravidian characteristics.
Elephanta Island is a small island off the coast of India.  Elephanta is a small island near Mumbai that was once known as Sripuri and is now known as Gharapuri by the locals.
VetraKori shutterstock.jpg
Elephanta Island - Mumbai, India
After viewing the massive image of an elephant, the Portuguese named it Elephanta. The Trimurthi (three-faced) Siva image exemplifies the sculptural beauty depicted in Elephanta's Cave Temple. At the Temple's entrance, there are stunning images of dwarapalakas (entry guards).
Pattadakal : The Rashtrakutas built temples in the Pattadakal complex. Rashtrakutas erected the Jain Narayana temple and the Kasi Vishwesvara temple.