Solar System
  • Formed: About \(4.5\)billion years ago
  • The solar system is gravitationally bound.
Members/Components of Solar system:
  • Main Members: The Sun & The eight planets
  • Other Members: Dwarf planets, Satellites, Comets, Asteroids and Meteoroids.
  • It is a star.
  • It is located at the centre of the Solar system.
  • Members of the Solar system revolve around the sun.
  • It accounts for \(99.8\)%  of the mass of the Solar system.
  • It is made up of extremely hot gases like Hydrogen and Helium.
  • It gives light on its own, i.e. self-luminous.
  • Surface temperature: about \(6,000\)° C.
  • It is the source of light and heat energy to the entire Solar system.
Time taken for sunlight to reach the Earth is \(8.3\) minutes.
Planets of the Solar system
  • Total number of planets: \(8\)
  • All planets rotate west to east exceptVenus and Uranus (Rotates east to west).
  • Orbit is the elliptical path in which the planets move around the sun.
  • Planets revolve in their respective orbits due to the gravitational pull of the sun.
Human beings have sent spacecraft to all of the planets in our solar system.
Easy to remember:
For Terrestrial Planets: My Very Educated Mother - Mercury Venus Earth Mars
For Jovian Planets: Just Served Us Noodles - Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune