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Fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the solar systemSixth planet from the Sun and
the second largest planet in the solar system
The third brightest object in the night skyThe specific gravity of Saturn is less than that of water.
It is called a gas giant planet.Saturn has many rings around it and known as Ringed planet.
Fastest spinning planet in the solar system. These rings are huge and are mostly made up of ice, rocks and dust particles.
Its atmosphere is made up of mostly Hydrogen and Helium like the Sun.
  • It has the a largest number of natural satellites.
  • Satellites:Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto are a few large satellites of Jupiter.
Satellites: \(62\) (Titan – The largest moon and has a dense atmosphere made of nitrogen and methane)
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Seventh planet from the SunEighth and the farthest planet from the Sun
Its axis is tilted so much that, it appears to orbit the Sun on its sides like a rolling ball.
Coldest planet in the solar system
It is also called as The Somersaulting planet.
It rotates on its axis from East to West like Venus.The striking blue and white features of Neptune help to distinguish it from Uranus.
It appears green due to the presence of methane.There are strong winds in this planet
Satellites: \(27\) (Titania is the largest one)Satellites: \(14\) (The largest being Triton)