Solar System
  • Formed: about \(4.5\) billion years ago
  • The solar system is a gravitationally bound system.
Members/Components of Solar system:
  • Main Members: The Sun & The eight planets
  • Other Members: Dwarf planets, Satellites, Comets, Asteroids and Meteoroids.
  • It is a star.
  • It is located in the centre of the Solar system.
  • Members of the Solar system revolve around the sun.
  • It accounts for \(99.8% \)of the mass of the Solar system.
  • It is made up of extremely hot gases like Hydrogen and Helium.
Human beings have sent spacecraft to all of the planets in our solar system.
  • It gives light on its own, i.e. self-luminous.
  • Surface temperature: about \(6,000\)° C.
  • It is the source of light and heat energy to the entire Solar system.
Time taken for sunlight to reach earth is \(8.3\) minutes.
Planets of the Solar system
  • Total number of planets: \(8\)
  • All planets rotate west to east except Venus and Uranus (rotates east to west).
  • Orbit is the elliptical path in which the planets move around the Sun.
  • Planets revolve around the Sun due to gravitational pull of Sun.
Easy to remember:
For Terrestrial Planets: My Very Educated Mother - Mercury Venus Earth Mars
For Jovian Planets: Just Served Us Noodles - Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune