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Disaster management:
The practice of efficient management and response to disasters is known as disaster management. It entails strategically giving priority to repair the harm caused by disasters. It also includes a systematic approach to managing disaster prevention, preparation, response, and recovery duties.
Disaster Management
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR):
Disaster Risk Reduction: The practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to analyze and manage the causal factors of disasters.
There following are four key approaches to public awareness for disaster risk reduction:
Participatory learning
Informal education
Formal school-based interventions.
Chennai flood – \(2015\)
One of India's largest metropolitan areas, Chennai is located on the country's southeast coast. Every year, Chennai is struck by the northeast monsoon and tropical cyclones, which bring with them significant cyclonic rainfall.

Chennai Flood
In \(2015\), the devastating floods that struck Chennai and other areas of Tamil Nadu in November and December as a result of a lot of rain claimed more than \(400\) lives and significantly damaged the economy.

The governments of India and Tamil Nadu have taken numerous measures to lessen suffering and fatalities among people.