In India, we believe in 'Unity in Diversity'. This is because we live in a society that comprises people from various social groups, and we live peacefully with one another irrespective of those differences.
Diversity in India
Also, we come from different backgrounds, belong to different cultures, worship in different ways, yet we live together. This is known as diversity.  In this chapter, we will
  • Know the meaning of diversity.
  • Understand the existence of diversity in India.
  • Understand the differences in the belief systems of people.
  • Know how to accept and respect the unity in diversity.
Diversity in India:
Indian civilisation is \(5000\) years old, in this time span different groups of people from different parts of the world were attracted towards India over the years because of its wealth. Some people came for trade, while others were keen on invading India. So diverse races of people migrated into India by land and sea routes over time.
So, the Dravidians, Negroids, Aryans, Alpines and Mongoloids became part of the modern Indian race. People who migrated to India also moved to other parts of the country. This migration is the reason for India's rich diversity.
We will learn about diversity in a broad sense under these topics:
  • Landforms and lifestyles diversity
  • Social diversity
  • Religious diversity
  • Linguistic diversity
  • Cultural diversity