The 11th century witnessed the invasion of  Turkish rulers with their horsemen towards the northern part of India. Due to their ceaseless efforts, they conquered the political control of the Gangetic plain and its surrounding areas within a century.
Turkish horsemen
Their audacious and ferocious approach reaped their enormous success at the expense of rulers of the Indian territories, who lacked the defence to withhold the mighty of the invaders. Mutual distrust among the Indian rulers and the failure to make a  note of the success of Islamian proliferation led to the downfall of indigenous rulers.
Through this lesson, we are about to embark on a journey to the lives, conquests, and consolidation of the Turkish rulers until their downfall during Babur's reign. The Delhi Sultanate includes the following dynasties:
The Slave / Mamluk dynasty
Khalji dynasty
Tughlaq dynasty
Sayyid dynasty
The Lodi dynasty