Due to varying geographical, climatic and other prevailing natural phenomenon, humans are not equal in terms of Physique, skin colour, Multi potentiality etc., which can’t be rectified due to the dominance of nature's role in it, whereas inequalities in terms of Caste, religion, Wealth etc., can be easily resolved because they are man-made. Everyone across the globe accepts that, there shouldn’t be any bias while treating the people in terms of religion, caste, place of origin etc., and should be treated equally and be given equal opportunities for the development of their wisdom and skills.
Meaning of Equality:
Equality refers to any individual, group or a society should be treated equally in terms of ethnicity, religion, caste, gender, disability, age and sexual orientation.
Importance of Equality:
Since ancient times equality became a powerful moral and political ideology, and it inspired, and guided the people. It is most important because it preserves self-respect, in other words, dignity, which is a basic and important human right assured by the constitution of India.