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Numerous lakes are found in North America; most of them are products of glaciation. They are especially found in North Minnesota. These lakes are small and mostly used for recreational purpose.

Great lakes are a chain of interconnected freshwater lakes of North America which connects to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawerence Seaway.
Great lakes: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario [from west to east]
In the descending order of size: Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario.
Map of the great lakes - North America.jpg
Map of the great lakes - North America
Lake Superior is the largest continental lake in the world by area.
Lake Michigan is the largest lake situated entirely within a country.
With populous cities such as Toronto, Chicago, Mississauga, Milwaukee and Hamilton located on its coast, it serves as a major water transport. It also helps in transport of bulk goods. Lake Winnipeg, Great Bear Lake and Lake Athabasca are some of the other lakes in Canada.
The Grand Canyon is a natural formation in Arizona. It is a steep-sided Canyon. Colorado river flowing through the plateau made a deep cut which reveled the layers of red rock.
The feature reveals millions of years of geological history of the region in cross-section. It is vast in scale; the canyon averages \(10\) miles across and a mile deep along its \(277\)-mile length.
Grand Canyon.jpg
Grand Canyon