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In this lesson we will the different of forest in various regions of North America and it's flora and fauna.
Tundra type of vegetation:
Climate: Long and freezingly cold wind, short and cool winter. Rainfall is scanty. It is always covered with snow.
Region: Nothern Coast of Canada and Northern Islands.
Flora/Vegetation: Mosses, lichens and dwarf willows. Except for some bright flowering plants that grow during the short summer season, not much vegetation is found here.
Fauna: Arctic Fox or Blue Fox, Reindeer, Musk Ox, Polar Bears, Wolverine, and Sable

Tundra forest animals - North America - Yaclass.jpg
Taiga or the Cold temperate Coniferous Forest
Climate: Icy winter with short and warm Summer. Heavy snowfall in winter.
Region: To the south of the Tundra belt. South-Central Alaska and Northeastern Canada.
Flora/Vegetation: Pine, Fir, Cedar and Spruce (Coniferous forests). Trees of this region are characterised by conical leaves and thick stem.
Fauna: Beaver, Fox, Sable, Ermine, Skunk, Caribou Moose, Elk, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears

Taiga or the Cold temperate Coniferous Forest animals North America - Yaclass.jpg
Coniferous forests are also known as boreal forests or Taiga forest.
Desert Type
Climate: Cool winter and hot summer. The rainfall is very less.
Region: Southwest USA, Northern Mexico Desert
Vegetation/flora: Due to scanty rainfall, trees hardly grow in this region. Cactus, Saguaro Cholla Cacti and yucca are the main vegetation grown here.
Fauna: Desert Fox, Gazelles, Scorpions, Lizards and Rattle snakes
Gazelle - North America - Yaclass.jpg
Cool Temperate Deciduous forests
Climate: Hot Summer and mild winter, and moderate rainfall.
Region: Florida, Gulf Coast the southeast USA
Vegetation/flora:  Chestnut, Oak, and Poplar, Cypress
Fauna: Oxes, Squirrels, Deer, Raccoon Rabbits, and Musk Ox
Temperate Prairie Grasslands:
Climate: Frigid winter and hot summer with moderate rainfall. Short trees are almost absent, and only grass grows due to less amount of rainfall.
Region: Central USA and Central Canada
Flora/Vegetation: Grasses, shrubs, herbs. North America's temperate grasslands are called as Prairies.
Fauna: Coyote, Gophers, Rabbits, Prairie Dogs and Bison.
Coyote - North America - Yaclass.jpg

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The Mediterranean type of Forest:
Climate: Summer is hot and dry. Winter is cool and wet.
Region: Western Coastal margin and Southern California
Vegetation/Flora:  Olive, Grapes, Orange, Cork, Oak, Apricots, Walnut, myrtle and Fig. Trees in the region are characterised by small shining leaves and hard stems.
Fauna: Not much wildlife is found here.
The Tropical rain forests
Climate: High temperature and heavy rainfall, mainly in summer
Region: Southern Mexico, Central America and West Indies, i.e. around the Gulf of Mexico coastal region
Vegetation/flora: Palms, Logwood, Mahogany, Rubber and Cacao Trees. Most of the land of this region is under cultivation.
Fauna:  Monkeys and Snakes
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Rubber tree and bowl filled with latex
Mountain Forests
Climate: Temperature falls with a rise in attitude (so with the change in altitude, the climate also changes). The rainfall received on the slopes also varies.
Region: Rocky Mountains
Vegetation/Flora: Pine, Fir, Mosses and Lichens
Fauna: Deer and Bear
Image credit: Gazelle - Smithy55/Shutterstock