When we opt for a trip, we always choose hill stations to enjoy the pleasant climate or valley views to admire the valley's scenic beauty or stay on the banks of the river to enjoy the mesmerising view of the river.
We enjoy the beauty of the natural landforms. Have you ever wondered how these landforms are formed?
Small waterfall
These are formed as a result of two processes - endogenic and exogenic process.
  • Endo means 'within'  and genic means 'produced by'; thus, the endogenic process is an internal process with the energy originating from within the earth that causes eath to uplift or sink.
  • Similarly, the exogenic is an external process that causes continuous wearing down and rebuilding of the land surface with energy from outside of the earth's surface.
Gradation is the process of levelling of highlands through erosion and filling up of lowlands through the deposition.
In other words, it is the process of removing unevenness of the land surface and making it a level land. Causes of gradation are running water, glacier, wind, waves, and underground water.
Weathering is the process of disintegration of the rocks on the earth’s surface.
Erosion is the geological process in which earthen materials are worn away and transported by natural agents like water, wind, ice and sea waves.
The eroded materials are carried away by natural forces like water, wind, etc., and eventually, they are deposited. This process of erosion and deposition creates different landforms on the earth surface.