Evolution of Media:
India's folk form of communicating with people in rural areas include Harikatha and koothu. These are originally religious media forms in which the stories were propagated. It includes a collective form of music, dance, speech and storytelling. This has a immense effect in communicating the messages straight into the minds of the people.
Modern methods to address small and medium gatherings include seminars, dramas, public meetings ,etc.  Print media is often referred to as Peoples University because they perform the role of public informer, educate and custodian of public interest.
What is Media?
Media is generally the agency for inter-personal communication.
Media includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium. Media is the plural of the word medium. Such a medium or media allows to communicate messages, thoughts, ideas, views, etc.
This communication can be classified into:-
Personal communication – these forms are meant for personal use, like letters, telephone, cell phone, E-mail and fax.
Mass communication –these forms are used to communicate with the masses. Newspapers, Radio, TV, collectively they are termed as media.
Printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1453.
All India Radio (AIR), officially known as Akashvani since 1956 (voice from the sky), is the radio broadcaster of the Government of India launched in 1936.