The natural resources or gifts of nature which are provided free to man is called Land. It includes several things such as land surface, air, water, minerals, forests, rivers, lakes, seas, mountain, climate, and weather.
Land can take various forms, from agricultural land to commercial real estate to the resources available from a particular piece of land.
Characteristics of land:
1. Land is a free gift of Nature: The other factors of production need human efforts, but land is a free gift from nature. Land is not the outcome of human labour; rather, it existed even long before the evolution of man.
2. Land is fixed in supply: The quantity of land is limited and cannot be increased or decreased with human efforts.
3.Land is imperishable: All man-made things are perishable, but land is indestructible and cannot go out of existence.
4. Land is a primary factor of production: Land plays a vital role in any production process because it helps by providing raw materials
For the Sugar industry, Sugarcane is produced in the agricultural Land.
5. Land differs in fertility, and it is immovable: The fertility of land differs on different pieces of Land. Land cannot be transported from one place to another. The land's fertility differs in terms of its output, some land may produce more, and some may produce less.
6. Land has some original indestructible powers: Man cannot completely destroy the land. Its fertility may be varied, but it cannot be eradicated.
Types of land:
  • Residential - Houses, Apartments, etc.
  • Commercial - Offices, Shops, Warehouses, etc.
  • Recreation - Parks, Playgrounds, etc.
  • Cultivation - Agriculture, Cropland, etc.
  • Extraction - Mineral extraction, Mines, etc.
  • Uninhabitable land - Desert.