Natural resources are significant for the social, economic and political strength of the country. The strength of the country lies in the distribution, utilization and conservation of its resources. Any country that lavishly spends its natural resources will suffer in the long run due to an unsustainable way of utilizing the resources.
Resource: Anything that fulfils a human need and has value.
In other words, anything which is used for satisfying human needs is called a resource.
Those resources that have been directly provided by nature are called natural resources, i.e. natural resources exist without any action of humankind.
Natural resources are obtained from the environment. Natural resources such as air, water, soil, minerals, natural vegetation and wildlife, etc., found around us are essential for human survival. Almost all the goods are not suitable for consumption in their original form, but they must be processed into usable materials and usable goods.
Importance of resources
  • Natural resources satisfy the everyday needs of man, such as food, clothing and shelter.
  • Natural resources also contribute significantly to boost up a nation’s economy.
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