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Short term migration
As the name indicates, the migrants make a short-term stay outside before returning to the place of origin. The duration may be from a few days to few months (i.e. not less than 2 months and not more than 12 months), except in cases where the movement to that country is for purposes of recreation, holiday, visits to friends or relatives, business, medical treatment or religious pilgrimage.
Long term migration
In this kind of migration, migrants stay outside at least for a few years.
Seasonal migration
It is a form of return migration. Usually, people migrate from their native places in a group during a particular season and returns after the end of the season. It may be driven by seasonal peaks in labour demand, mostly in agriculture. But some people change their location because of climate - which is not a part of labour migration.

People migrating to hill stations during summer and the migration of agricultural workers during sowing seasons belong to this category. Transhumance is another example of seasonal migration.
The number of international migrants worldwide has continued to grow rapidly in recent years, reaching \(258 million \)in 2017, up from \(220 million \)in 2010 and 173 million in 2000 (International Migration Report, 2017).