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Every year after your annual holidays when going to school, you might have noticed that some of your older friends are missing and some new friends have joined the school. Have you ever asked your new friends where they come from? And why did they joined your school?
Here let's read the conversation between Kabilan, who is new to the school and Praveen, his new friend (already a student of the school)
Kabilan: Hi, my name is Kabilan!
Praveen: Hi, my name is Praveen. Are you new to this school?
Kabilan: Yes, I am from Vellore. My father got transferred to Kanchipuram. So we migrated here.
The teacher enters the class and students greets their teacher.
Praveen: Mam, Praveen utters the word "migration". What is mean migration, and why do people migrate from one place to another.
Teacher: That's a very good question. Today we are going to discuss the same in this chapter. Also, we are going to understand the concept of urbanisation.

In the lower grades, we discussed about travel & tourism, but migration is different from both. Let's learn the meaning, causes and consequences of migration and discuss about its types of migration. We also understand the concept of Urbanisation, its origin growth and problems of urbanisation.