(i) Voluntary migration: If the migration is on one's free will, initiative and desire to settle in a better place and to improve their economic status, the migration is said to be voluntary.
For instance, many Indian citizens migrate to countries like the USA, Australia, Canada and other European countries in search of better economic opportunity, career, education and standard of living. This kind of migration has a positive pull factor in a foreign country.
IT employees migrating to the USA, students go abroad to pursue their education.
(ii) Involuntary or forced migration: If the migration takes place forcibly against the will of migrants, the migration is termed as involuntary migration. The push factors like war, genocide etc., may force the people to emigrate from one place to another.
Rohingya refugees
E.g. Rohingya muslims migrating from Myanmar. In Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims are killed by the government of Myanmar. Similarly, in Syria, war forces people to desert their motherland and seek asylum in foreign countries.