Categories of Public Sector:
The Public Sector in India is broadly divided into nine categories. The different types of Public sector industries and their method of operations are discussed below.
 Public sector industries
Category \(1\)Public Sector establishments that are obliged to deliver goods that are essential (Primary goods) for the development of the economy.Airlines, Ships and harbour, Railways.
Category \(2\)Public Sectors that are capable of extending their say over “Commanding departments of the economy”.Coal Mines, Defence Production, Oil.
Category \(3\)Capital Intensive Public Sectors which can generate lakhs of employment in the economy.Mining, Fertilizer, Steel, Heavy Industries
Category \(4\)Industries that use a high amount of technical devices owned by the Private sector. Nuclear stations, Atomic energy research.
Category \(5\)Public sectors that are completely owned and controlled by the Government. The private sector is not allowed within these sectors.Defence Sector, Railways, Nuclear research.
Category \(6\)Public Sectors which serves the needs of the customers, most essential services.Pharma companies (Drugs and Medicines), Hotels etc.
Category \(7\)PSU’s that are established to lend a helping hand to the sick units. Sometimes mergers also take place.Banks, Textiles.
Category \(8\)Trade based corporations which are set up as public sector units.MMTC, Power trading corporation (PTC).
Category \(9\)Consultancy and Engineering based Public Sector companies and their merger companies.MECON, WAPCOS, Telecommunication consultants India (TCI)